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The eight beaches to visit absolutely in Northern Sardinia

Published on 2 November 2018 by clicksardegna

Sardinia, as everyone knows, is famous all over the world for its beaches and its sea. By organizing a holiday in the north of the island there are eight mandatory stages, which will make us remain breathless. With dreamy waters of emerald color and fantastic coves, soft and fine sand, let’s see what are the eight beaches to visit absolutely.

Starting from the wonderful town of Alghero, located on the Coral Coast, we find the Maria Pia beach. With its fine white sand and the water that varies from emerald green to turquoise, it is certainly one of the beaches not to be missed. Characterized by the background of the Mediterranean vegetation and by a pinewood where to find refreshment during the hottest hours, Maria Pia gives emotions to anyone who decides to spend a day of relaxation and serenity in this beach.

Maria Pia Beach in Alghero

Continuing on the Riviera del Corallo, moving a few kilometers from the Catalan town, you get to the beaches of Le Bombarde, another paradise on earth. The beach is less than a kilometer long and is protected by a pine forest. The thin sand and ocher color, the color of the sea changing between green and blue give anyone who decides to visit a show irresistible to the eyes. You can decide to spend a day with your family or friends, taking advantage of the kiosk bar or the pine forest to find wellness during the hottest hours. The beach is easily reachable either by car or by the bus service provided by the city of Alghero. Here is the link with timetables and information on the bus

If you decide to move even further from the Catalan municipality, you get to another one of the most famous beaches in the area, Mugoni. A sheltered beach from the bay of Porto Conte, an oasis of tranquility with soft sand and crystal clear sea. The sand varies from ocher to orange, while the water is calm, thanks to the position and has an emerald color. The beach offers tourists the opportunity to visit the surrounding area through a network of paths leading to beautiful, breath-taking coves. The area, renamed by the Romans nymphaeus portus, gives tourists the opportunity to visit archaeological treasures, surrounded by the colors and scents typical of the Mediterranean.

The crystalline sea of Mugoni-Alghero

In the territory of the nearby municipality of Sassari we can savor the beauty of another enchanting beach, the beach of Porto Ferro. The beach is very wide, perhaps the largest of the Nurra, and can be reached through a pine forest. The characteristic feature of this beach is the presence of two towers of Aragonese style on either end, The Negra Tower and The Bantine Tower. The water is always emerald color and is characterized by a wave ideal for surf lovers. Great news introduced a few years is the dog beach, an area of the beach reserved for four-legged friends. Very innovative idea that allows tourists not to separate from their pet and aims to prevent summer abandonment.

Continuing our journey we arrive in Palmadula, a small town in the province of Sassari, overlooking the extraordinary beach of Porto Palmas. The beach is located on the Argentiera coast and is one of the most beautiful beaches. Protected by two rocky cliffs, quite sheltered from the wind. The sand is medium grained and the water has a shallow water and an emerald color, which contrasts with the green of the nature present on the surrounding hills. This polychromy makes Porto Palmas a postcard to visit once in a lifetime. The beach is never crowded, so ideal for a carefree day.

The Blue Sea of Porto Plamas

We now arrive at what is perhaps the most famous Sardinian beach, renowned and loved by both Sardinians and citizens of the world, La Pelosa of Stintino, the pearl of the Sardinian Caribbean. Always crowded, gives tourists a beautiful view. The characteristics are bright sand and crystal clear water, with a backdrop of the 16th century Aragonese tower that can be reached on foot, a symbol of this open-air pool. The Pelosa beach forms a single coastline with the Pelosetta beach, where stretches of rock alternate where you can admire the typical colors of the Mediterranean scrub and fine sand. Definitely not to be missed, the Stintino beach gives emotions and dreams to anyone who visits it.


Finally, addressing the Gulf of Asinara we find the beaches of Capo Testa and Cala St’Andrew. Capo Testa is a small peninsula, adjacent to Santa Teresa di Gallura, the northernmost municipality of Sardinia. It overlooks the Bocche di Bonifacio, presents a crystalline sea enclosed within a promontory characterized by granite rocks. Easily accessible by car, the beach of Capo Testa is divided by an isthmus into two areas, The Rena or Beach of West and The Rena or Beach of East. In addition to a relaxing day in these beautiful waters you can admire the Mediterranean vegetation, the granite rocks shaped by the wind with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms and the remains of the Roman quarries. So we have a combination of beauty and culture, to be admired and appreciated. Finally, taking a ferry you can reach the enchanted Asinara Island (so called for the strong presence of albino donkeys) where we find the unforgettable Cala St’Andrew. The beach is characterized by a soft white sand, warm and in great quantity. The beautiful crystalline sea has colors that change during the day, passing from an intense emerald green, to blue, to turquoise, up to the blue. A show without comparisons, framed by the flourishing Mediterranean scrub and granite rock. The seabed is low and sandy, rich in marine fauna widely present thanks to the constraints of the National Park and the Marine Protected Area, of which the Asinara is part. The beach can only be reached by guided tour organized by the Park Authority and in the following link you can find information on how to get to the island

Capo Testa Beach

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