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The South East of Sardegna

5 June 2017 by giancarlo

The South East of Sardegna: the Gulf of Orosei

The South East of Sardegna: the territory of Ogliastra is certainly one of the most beautiful and natural areas of Sardinia, where flora and fauna are the masters, in a dream setting. Overlooking the east coast of Sardinia, the territory of Ogliastra extends to the slopes of Gennargentu. A sea with Caribbean colors where we can find the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia: The Gulf of Orosei is one of the wildest coasts of Sardinia: 40 kilometers overhanging the sea. It can be reached with long walks among rocks sculpted by wind, weather and water, or by sea.

A beautiful region, little known, off the common routes, overlooking the Eastern Coast of Sardinia, just below the Gulf of Orosei.

The most famous beach is Cala Luna, which although considered a tourist destination has kept its natural beauty intact. Its name derives from its moon-shaped shape and is lapped by emerald green and turquoise waters. It is located six kilometers south of the port of Cala Gonone and from there depart mini-cruises that include diving and stops in the most particular points of the Gulf of Orosei. Another beautiful beach is Cala Sisine, beautiful at sunset, it is impressive how impressive to see the rising of the moon.

Cala Goloritzè, does not need presentation, dominated by an incredible natural obelisk in stone worked by the power of nature is famous for the particular nuances that can be seen until 15:00 in the afternoon, before the sun begins to hide behind the rocks . This stretch of coast can only be reached by sea or on foot from the inside of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu National Park.

For lovers of silence, the beach of SU SIRBONI is almost always deserted because few know how to reach it, hidden by the thick Mediterranean scrub and sheltered by a high cliff that protects it from the wind. To reach it leave the car at about ten kilometers south of Barisardo, continue on foot for about 500 meters along a downhill path. The road is not very easy but at the end the spectacle that is enjoyed repays the effort.

Santa Maria Novarrese is located at the southern end of the Gulf of Orosei. Surrounded by maritime pines, it is dominated by an ancient tower where pirate arrivals were spied. Now on the horizon no more pirates are warned but a beautiful view on small islands among which the Ogliastra Island.

The beach of Lotzorai is very long along the Tortolì pond, a beautiful nature reserve where we can meet herons and pink flamingos. Suitable for nature and animal lovers and suitable for bird watching due to the presence of various migratory birds

Coccorocci is instead a long expanse of white, gray and orange egg-shaped pebbles. From the beach it is wonderful to go in search of half-hidden paths among strawberry trees myrtle and mastic that border the tiny coves. A scent of sea and Mediterranean scrub will envelop you in an entrancing way.

The beach of Bidderosa in Nuoro, a limited number paradise

The beach of the oasis of Bidderosa, near Orosei, shows all its exotic charm with the emerald sea and the white sand.

Entrance to the 5 coves is limited. A park that stretches for 860 hectares, to thirteen kilometers north of Orosei, along the highway 125. The park is open from June to September for a maximum of 130 cars a day. Ideal place for those who want to leave the daily routine behind and immerse themselves in a real oasis of peace. Who wants to enter on foot can do it in all seasons. But there is also another way to get to the beautiful coves: through the sea tongue that separates Bidderosa from Cala Ginepro. No problem with the low tide, because the water reaches a maximum of one meter, but …. maybe it will be necessary to return

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