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The Central Area of Sardegna

5 June 2017 by giancarlo

The Central Area of Sardegna: the Barbagia

The Central Area of Sardegna: the Barbagia is a land full of charm and rich in traditions that has in the city of Nuoro the most important inhabited center, and in the Gennargentu massif the emblem of the morphology of the territory.

The territory, located in Central Sardinia, has in fact a predominantly mountainous character. The etymology and the meaning of the word “barbagia” derives from the appellation of “Barbaria” that the Romans gave to this territory because the obstinacy and pride of the local populations was such that they never managed to completely dominate them. later also to the Byzantines.

The emblem of this stoical resistance to the invaders is perhaps more than any other the Monte Tiscali, one of the most fascinating places of the Supramonte in which it is partially visible what remains of a village of the time built inside the remains of a cave.

Our advice for tourists

Only advice for tourists is not to go into the mountains of Supramonte without a guide of the place: the risk of getting lost or otherwise not being able to find the many archaeological sites and nature of this area is really high. Visiting the province of Nuoro one gets the impression that time has stopped; the silence of the mountains combined with the particular species of flora and fauna make the excursion in these places unique.

The Gennargentu Park includes the highest areas of Sardinia with Mount Gennargentu, about 1834 m high. The whole area of ​​the park is, from a naturalistic point of view, one of the most fascinating of Sardinia characterized by wild and uncontaminated places, sparsely inhabited. Among the faunal species typical of Barbagia we remember mouflons, wild boars, foxes, weasels and the golden eagle that still dominates the skies of the highest mountain in Sardinia.

The Province of Nuoro shows considerable wealth also from the archaeological point of view. Among the most interesting are the nuraghe “Orolo” in Bortigali and the Tombs of the Giants Madau near Fonni, and the Domus de Janas “Sas Concas” near Oniferi. All the centers of Nuoro are worth a day spent between ancient traditions and genuine hospitality: from Aritzo to Nuoro to Macomer each center of this territory will offer its visitors hours of relaxation between unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes.

The capital of Barbagia, also known as the Sardinian Athens for having given birth to some of the most famous Sardinian writers, is also a center of great interest for the contemporary artistic offer, thanks to the Art Museum of the province of Nuoro and the sculptures by Costantino Nivola who in 1967 placed the piazza Sebastiano Satta. Of international importance, the Literary Park of Grazia Deledda, with his birth house.

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