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Holidays in Sardegna with your kids

5 June 2017 by giancarlo

Children are our greatest treasure, but on holiday we all need our space to regenerate and be in good physical and psychological shape. For this reason we have selected all the accommodation facilities, which are able not only to welcome children, but also to offer services for their entertainment: from sports, to games, to music … while parents can dedicate themselves to something else!

Holidays in Sardegna with your kids

Sardinia is fun for the little ones, you change food, hours, you go to the beach and you swim a lot. This is why in the evening the children will be tired but happy. Here are some brief tips to spend a beach holiday without problems: Remember that the little traveler to acclimatize needs about a week. It would be better to plan a holiday of at least fifteen days to allow time for the child to get used to the new climate and become familiar with an environment he does not know.

Keep the usual meal times and the evening bath ritual. Take the afternoon nap because the sea air is beneficial, but it can be tiring. Before leaving for vacation, inquire about the hospital and the pediatric office nearest to the holiday resort.

Family holidays? Yes, but saving. If until a few years ago the arrival of one or more babies could discourage parents from packing, now it’s not like that anymore.

Even in Sardinia, facilities and services are increasing for those traveling with little children. From the traditional Bed and Breakfast, to the houses in the countryside with playground and swimming pool, to the bathing establishments, there is a microcosm of “brat”. Just indicate, when booking, that you travel with children, specifying the age and any interests. The owners will literally go out of their way to provide cots, high chairs, and anything else that can brighten their stay.

All this without affecting the cost of the rent. The only precaution will be to choose a house with a large bedroom or a living room with sofa bed, and the costs will be contained. For children it will be a new experience to sleep together in a Latvian, and for parents will be a safe savings.

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