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Fun and amusements in Sardegna

5 June 2017 by giancarlo

Although Sardinia is the less inhabited region of Italy, and its rhythms are the placid ones of the country, during the summer between sun, sea and nightlife, we never stop, and the island is shaken by a newfound energy .

Fun and amusements in Sardegna: nightlife, especially in summer, is an opportunity not to be missed! And it is immediately felt that in Sardinia the fun is different. Depending on the tastes, the Island can offer a relaxing evening, for those in need of tranquility and at the same time exciting, for those who want to have fun and follow the frenetic pace of nightlife by dancing until late at night. It is from dusk that coastal countries assume that particular atmosphere announced most of the time by marvelous sunsets.

The night landscape full of soft lights is the setting for the historic centers, which as in a single outdoor venue host the countless tourists while they consume their aperitifs along the sea with the reflection of the moon and the sea breeze. You can continue the evening by choosing from the many outdoor restaurants and then continue with a tour of the premises waiting for the midnight shots.

The atmosphere that is breathed in the ancient city centers is truly unique: those walking through the narrow streets of the old town, those who relax on the promenade enjoying the view of the sea, who spends the last hours of the evening among the boutiques still open to research of a nice souvenir for a holiday worthy of being remembered.

Walking along the sea, the stalls, the smell of incense and street singers color the night of many places on the sea of ​​magic, giving enthusiasm and life to those who love to have fun and be with friends. Later on, young people meet up in the various squares of the city center to decide which venues will be in vogue for the evening. And then there is only the embarrassment of the choice to spend the night.

There are discos or clubs on the beach …. Here you are spoiled for choice. And then we will meet again, once again at dawn, to eat a fragrant croissant on the beach, waiting for the hottest hours, when the appointment will be back on the beach, for a new round of waltz.

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