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Best beaches in Sardegna

5 June 2017 by giancarlo

Best beaches in Sardegna. Choosing the 10 most beautiful beaches of Sardinia is really a difficult task, each has its own particularity that makes it unique.

Few other places in the world offer such a limpid sea and a luxuriant nature but also excursions in the numerous and fascinating caves, fantastic archipelagos of islands that today, become part of the natural heritage of parks and nature reserves, can offer a picturesque landscape of seabed, rich in fish and creatures.

Best beaches in Sardegna

To the north there is a sense of worldliness and entertainment: places like the Costa Smeralda, fascinating for the splendid colors that the sea takes in here, or the beautiful coasts around Stintino have become a destination for both mass and exclusive tourism. In the north-eastern part there are kilometers of beaches with fine white sand between the Mediterranean and the crystalline sea.

If you move in the southern and western part of Sardinia you reach one of the wildest stretches of this island: there are wide and sandy beaches overlooking bays that alternate with green promontories, inlets and Spanish towers.

For those who have already decided to spend their holidays in Sardinia here are some suggestions on the 10 beaches not to be missed.

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