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Best Times to Visit Sardinia

Published on 25 October 2018 by clicksardegna

The best time to visit Sardinia is from April to June when the flowers are in bloom, the sea waters are warm, and the temperatures haven’t yet reached their July and August highs. Still, summertime in Sardinia has its perks: For instance, the Tyrrhenian Sea (east of the island) and the Mediterranean Sea waters are incredibly refreshing this time of year, and a vibrant lineup of festivals and events fill the calendar. September and October offer travelers mild weather and fewer crowds, while the months between November and March constitute low season with chilly temperatures and fewer tourists.


Spring in Sardinia experiences average highs that rise from the mid-60s in April to the upper 70s in June, which makes it a perfect time to both lounge on the beach and sightsee in places ranging from northern Gallura to southern Cagliari. Usually, it’s warm enough to swim by May.



July and August in Sardinia are characterized by heat and heavy crowds. Average highs this time of year hover in the mid-80s, but coastal breezes make the temps bearable. Still, visitors will be vying for space on the island’s most popular beaches with other tourists, so it’s smart to stake out a spot early in the day. Keep in mind that accommodation rates will be the highest during these two months. With this too, it’s important to book as early as you can because accommodations tend to fill up quickly in high season. If you plan to use the ferry as your mode of transportation between mainland Italy and the island, you’ll also want to book your tickets well in advance – fares sell out fast during peak season.



September and October enjoy average high temps declining from their summertime highs into the lower 80s and then 70s. Summer’s tourists have departed, leaving the island’s top attractions less crowded. Plus, the waters should still be warm enough to swim. By October, the accommodation rates will decline from their summertime highs.

Key Events:

  • Autunno in Barbagio (September-December)
  • Festa di San Salvatore (September)
  • Sagra delle Castagne (October)



The months that span November and March are characterized by temperatures that range from the 40s to the 60s. And although it will be too cold to take a dip in the Mediterranean or Tyrrhenian seas, travelers will have the beaches and some of the other top attractions virtually to themselves. What’s more, room rates will be at their most affordable. 

Key Events:

  • Autunno in Barbagia (September-December)
  • Rassegna del Vino Novello (November)
  • Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate (January)
  • Carnevale (February)
  • Pasqua (March)
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