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Around Sardinia: transport from Alghero

Published on 2 November 2018 by clicksardegna

From the Fertilia airport to Alghero city

The center of Alghero is easily reachable by bus from the airport of Alghero-Fertilia arriving directly in the heart of the town of the coral coast.

The bus line is A.L.F.A. and the airport stop is located in the parking lot, about 100 meters from the terminal. In Alghero we find it in Via Catalogna – stall 1, near the public gardens. Tickets can be bought at the exit of the arrivals terminal, in the special vending machine and the cost is Euro 1.00 in the case of the Simple Travel Ticket (C / S) that can be used for the entire urban network without vector integration valid for 90 minutes from the first obliteration. It can be also done on board the bus by the driver, but in this case there will be a surcharge of € 0.50 for a total cost of € 1.50, but always valid for 90 minutes from the ticket issue.

The connection is quite frequent, in fact the buses leave every hour and the journey is 20-30 minutes. The A.L.F.A line (Alghero-Aeroporto-Fertilia) passes through the village of Fertilia before reaching the center of Alghero. The first bus from the airport to Alghero leaves at 5:20, with subsequent frequency every hour, and the last at 23:15. For a more precise consultation of the schedules click on the following link

Foreshortening of the Maria Pia beach in Alghero


From Alghero around Sardinia

Alghero boasts a wide range of direct connections to popular seaside resorts, such as Stintino, and also to other famous cities of the island including the main ones namely Sassari, Olbia and Cagliari. Reaching these destinations is possible either through the regional ARST company coaches, or by private bus lines such as Logudoro Tours and Cattogno Bus or by train. Direct routes to these locations are available every day with flexible hours and economic prices.

From Alghero to Stintino

Return the bus that connects Stintino with Alghero. The bus makes five round trips, which will shorten the distances between the country that overlooks the Gulf of Asinara, with the wonderful beach of La Pelosa, and the Catalan city. The service is managed and carried out by Sardabus and will be valid throughout the summer season, and will allow you to reach, besides the Pelosa beach, other fantastic beaches such as Le Tonnare and Pozzo San Nicola. The terminal bus in Alghero is in Catalogna Street, but you can also take the bus from the airport or from Fertilia. The cost of the ticket for the route Alghero-Stintino is Euro 7 starting from Stintino. Starting from Pozzo San Nicola or Le Tonnare the price will be respectively Euro 6 and Euro 5. In the link below you can consult the table with the schedules of the bus


From Alghero to Sassari

The city of Alghero, a tourist pearl of the north west of Sardinia, is easily reachable from all countries and other cities in the area through a convenient suburban bus service operated by ARST. The Catalan city and the Alghero-Fertilia airport are well connected to Sassari through bus and trains available all year round, with more trips a day, advantageous rates and flexible hours. The terminal is always located in Catalogna Street in Alghero, while for Sassari it is located in Padre Zirano Street. Tickets cost € 3.20 and can be purchased both at the airport and in Alghero and Sassari stores. The duration of the bus trip is about an hour, but wanting to shorten the time possible to reach the town of Sassari by train, which has a duration of 35 minutes. In case you want to travel by train the Alghero station is located in Don Giovanni Minzoni Street, easily reachable by the A.L.F.A. bus, and in this case the ticket price will be Euro 2.60. Below you can consult the schedules of both lines:

Alghero-Sassari by train:

Alghero-Sassari by bus:


From Alghero to Olbia

Alghero is 138 km from Olbia and by car you can reach it in 1h 45 minutes, instead by bus the journey time is about 2h 30 minutes. To make this connection is the company SUN LINES that allows you to reach by bus the airport and the center of Alghero and the port and the airport of Olbia. The line makes three trips from Alghero and from Olbia with stops also in Sassari. The timetables from Alghero Center are: Line 91 Alghero Center 06: 00-Olbia Center at 08:10; Line 93 Alghero Center at 08: 30-Olbia Center at 11.10am; Line 97 Alghero Center at 15: 15-Olbia Center at 17:10. The timetables from the center of Olbia instead: Line 92 Olbia Center 10: 40-Alghero Center at 13:15; Line 96 Olbia Center at 16: 15-Alghero Center at 18:45; Line 98 Olbia Center at 17: 30-Alghero Center at 20:00. The ticket price is Euro 25.00, with discounts for pre-formed groups of at least 10 people.


From Alghero to Cagliari

There are two possibilities to reach the Sardinian capital from Alghero: you can arrive at your destination by train or by bus. The distance between the two cities is about 247 km if you want to use the car the journey has a duration of 2h30. Using the train first you need to reach Sassari, then you arrive by train and it will be there that then we will find the direct connection to Cagliari made by Trenitalia. The connection is quite frequent in fact every day the route Sassari-Cagliari is covered by 18 trains departing from Sassari station arriving at Cagliari-Elmas and Cagliari. It’s possible to buy a train ticket for an average journey time of 3h 25 min. The first train departs at 07:05. while the last one at 19:00. The ticket price is around Euro 17.00. Timetables can be consulted on the Trenitalia website. If you decide to take a direct Alghero-Cagliari route, you will find the Logudoro Tour company bus which runs daily connections to/from Alghero airport. The departure from Alghero is outside the arrivals terminal on the right side, instead the stop in Cagliari is in via Matteotti, in front of the A.R.S.T. The trip duration in this case is 3h30 and a day trip is available, from Alghero airport at 09.00 am and from Cagliari at 2.00 pm. The ticket price is Euro 20.00. Below are links to bus schedules.

Alghero-Cagliari by bus:

Castle of Cagliari

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